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Are you Rocking the Rock Tape CrossFitters?

You only had to visit the recent fantastic CrossFit event at Londons Copper Box; The Battle of London to see just how many people are rocking the Rock Tape!

The number of people wearing the product is forever increasing;  before I discussed that a number of Physiotherapists now swear by tape if a patient is suffering with traumatised tissue or muscle, but do people really know what benefit it is providing when their physio applies it and have they ever considered buying it themselves for the additional benefits. I know many of my university friends have the tape applied at the physio but do not understand the reason for its application apart from perhaps support. Essentially Rock Tape does act to support the muscle, relieving sore muscles and pain from injury without restricting movement. Regular strapping, supports and taping significantly decrease the range of motion possible but Rock Tape is designed to have the same stretch as human skin.

The guys at Rock Tape reiterate this but provided me with their considerable knowledge of other benefits of their product. The tape stretches up to 180% of its original length but happily recovers back to its original length. This provides it with the properties to provide numerous benefits.

By applying the tape with no stretch but on stretched tissue the skin wrinkles, this can reduce swelling by lifting skin and decompressing the tissue so fluid and waste can travel away and blood can travel to the area with more ease to provide oxygen. This significantly aids the recovery of tissue. As pressure is reduced on the tissue the layers of tissue slide with more ease increasing flexibility and range of movement. At the same time there is less pressure placed on the nerve endings so any pain generated by movement is reduced or eliminated. The tape can also increase an individual’s proprioception which further decreases pain.

In all the Rock Tape aids to speed up recovery, whether you have or haven’t got an injury.

Many Physio’s are trained in the application of Rock Tape or other forms of tape for injury prevention but Rock Tape not only train individuals for this purpose but also train up practitioners and individual athletes for the application of Power Taping. Visit Rock Tape’s website if you wish to find a professional or speak to you local physio. If you wish to attend a course again visit the Rock Tape website.The more the tape is stretched when applied the more support it provided to strained or torn tissue. With this the elastic recoil increases to the taped area so tissue recovery and stability are enhanced so can assist in power and coordination during activities. This is often referred to as PowerTaping.

However, the guys at Rock Tape provide you with the opportunity to apply the tape yourself without attending a course, with application guidelines for numerous injuries in each pack of tape and detailed videos on their website do not hesitate to try out the tape yourselves. It will save you a lot of money by reducing repeated trips to the physio to get it reapplied. Tape tends to last 7-10 days depending on where it is applied; you can swim, shower and run in it, no problem! The guys at Rock Tape applied some to my leg and it definitely lasted 7 days, and after that I was comfortable reapplying the tape myself. If I have a niggle now I quite happily apply the tape myself using the videos that you can find on their website. However, do remember that if that niggle is causing considerable discomfort a visit to a physio is recommended.

Rock Tape, as a company, also produces Rock Sauce. Rock sauce is the only pain reliever designed to work with Rock Tape. It is a heat based lotion which can be applied on top of rock tape to reduce pain or to warm up pre-workout.

Rock Tape produce numerous colours, such as blue and pink, and designs, including cow print and GB colours. They also produce custom made tape for particular customers such as for Loughborough University. If you are interested please visit the Rock Tape Website                @rocktapeuk                       Facebook: Rock Tape UK


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