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At CrossFit Blackfriars we have a high energy coaching style with a huge focus on technique.
To do this we strive to ensure that every class is taught by prioritising mechanics, then consistency, then and only then intensity.

This means that regardless of the focus of a class our goal is to develop movement mechanics first (i.e. getting people to learn to move with safe and correct technique), then developing consistency in those mechanics before gradually introducing intensity only after mechanics and consistency have both been developed.

I’m often asked about how I put the programming together so I'm going to lay out a macro overview below.
To sum up my programming philosophy it would probably be best defined as a CrossFit programming delivered through a conjugate-esque format which is heavily focused on weightlifting and gymnastics (what a mouthful!).

With that said I believe that you must always continue to educate yourself as a coach/ programmer therefore this is (and should be) constantly evolving.

To explain how I program the daily classes here's a split of how Monday to Friday will be programmed over the next 6 weeks (from Monday of this week)

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 00.35.33

You'll notice that the daily focus is cycled weekly e.g. MEL (Max effort lower) was on Monday this week, will be on Tuesday next week, then Wednesday etc etc I do this so that people don't have to be here every day.

Although it would be fantastic to see everyone daily I realise that people have lives (and jobs!), therefore I program to accommodate people who don't come every day by using a cycle thus ensuring that you'll get an equal amount of everything which will lead to a more balanced level of awesomeness/fitness.

In basic terms, a day is either focused on getting stronger or faster and that theme is used throughout the class. Below I've outlined in a bit more detail on what each class focus entails:

(lower and upper).
These days are focused on developing maximal strength therefore you'll see exercises programmed at lower rep ranges (usually 1-3).

As this is a strength focus the metcon/conditioning/WOD/sweaty time will also be heavy to continue to focus on developing maximal strength. In these WODs you'll probably find yourself needing to take more breaks due to the weights used being a higher percentage of your current one rep max.

An example of this would be using 10 reps at 75kg in a metcon for someone with 1 rep max of 100kg. They'll be able to work at the weight safely (which is always the most important thing) but as the weight is relatively heavy for them they'll probably have to take more than one set to get the 10 done (or if there is several rounds they'll need more sets per round). The WOD will also continue to focus on the main lift/muscles used in the earlier part of that's day's session.

- DYNAMIC EFFORT DAYS (lower and upper).
These days are focused on speed and volume which results in a larger number of reps being completed at a lower weight that you would use for the same exercise during a max effort day.

The relatively lighter weight should not be mistaken for an easier day though, because whilst you'll be working at a lower percentage of your one rep max you'll be doing more reps with shorter rest periods.

As this is a speed/volume focused day the metcon/conditioning/sweaty time will again follow the same theme therefore these (sometimes longer) metcons are programmed in such a way that you will need minimal rest and you'll be able to get through more reps.

To use a similar example as before. During a dynamic effort day someone would be using 10 rep at maybe 50kg in the metcon for someone with 1 rep max of around 100kg. As the weight is now relatively light for them they'll probably be able to do the 10 reps unbroken comfortably and this WOD thereof now becomes more about how fast they can go/how hard they can push their lactic acid threshold.

Sessions are focused on the classic lifts (snatch and clean & jerk). A session will typically have a classic lift (or a derivative of one) and then will look to build on that by way of an accessory and/or a strength exercise. If a metcon is used it will it will again carry on the theme of the main lift so for example if we did a snatch or a snatch variation we may use overhead squats in the metcon.

If you ever have any questions as to why I chose certain exercises or what is the focus on any particular day please make sure to ask - I'm always happy to geek out and chat programming!

Stay Classy CrossFitters


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