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Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

The CFB Superheroes were treated to a special guest today. None other than London 2012 Silver Medalist Apti Aukhadov. 

At 22 (!) he's only getting started so it'll be fantastic to see what he achieves over the years. 

here's some 2012 clips for you to enjoy...

It's amazing how someone who has snatch 173kg and clean & jerked 215kg (that's a 387kg total) is so calm and relaxed when lifting.

Stay Classy CrossFitters 

1) complex of:
Pause snatch high pull
And hang snatch

Pause for 5 seconds above the knee

2) Emom 5x1 @ 90%

5 rounds of

400m run
15 x OHS @45/30

Cap 15 mins


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