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What is CrossFit?


CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that is accessible and scalable for everyone at all ages and abilities.


CrossFit uses constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity, performed in small groups that make high quality coaching possible, results achieved and provide the most important element: fun!


Our Coaches  


Fergus Lally


Fergus LallyI love CrossFit!


Which is fairly handy considering what I do...


I'm originally from Cork and my sporting background includes football, horse riding (eventing and  show jumping) Gaelic football, hurling, rock climbing and golf. You name it, I've tried it!


I got hooked on the gym when I was about 15 (probably around the same time that I realised that ladies liked strong men) and by the time I hit college I was a fully fledged member of the bi's & tri's club!


I came across an article about CrossFit and the WOD filthy 50. It talked about how CrossFit allowed you to get your workout done in a few minutes and as this was functional real world training it would make you better at all sports, not just pointing towards the beach (it's over there by the way). The overall point was that it gave you better performance AND aesthetic results in only a fraction of the time - as 60% of the time muscle & fitness was right all of the time I felt that I had to try this!


After looking at a few times I eventually bit the bullet and, on the day before my 27th birthday, I started the day by getting my pump on with a shoulders & tri's workout so I picked an easy looking CrossFit workout called Cindy for my evenings workout (Cindy is 20 minutes of as may rounds as possible of 5 pull ups, 10 press ups & 15 squats).


20 minutes later I was lying in the corner in a pool of sweat wondering what just happened whilst randomly muttering about how awesome that ass kicking was!


It was love at first sight!


A few days later I had my second taste of CrossFit, the '300' workout, and about a week or two later I dropped the way I'd been training almost daily for over a decade to fully focus on CrossFit which I have been doing ever since.


When I started doing CrossFit (back in 2008) there were very few CrossFit gyms in Europe, let alone Manchester, so I continued to follow the workout of the day (or WOD as the cool kids call it) on at a local virgin active until some friends opened CrossFit Central Manchester. I was lucky enough to be their first member and train with them until I moved to Birmingham in 2009.


Near the end of 2011 I began training at Birmingham Functional Fitness and before I knew it that gym affiliated and I became the co-owner of Second City CrossFit!


Having my own gym was a life long dream come true! Yay me!!


After moving to London a throw away comment to Rich about how much I was missing coaching got the response of why don't you open a gym with me and CrossFit Blackfriars is the result...



CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit Powerlifting
CrossFit Gymnastics                                                                                                                                            
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit Weightlifting Advanced
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Scaling
CrossFit Judges Course

IKFF Level One (International kettlebell Fitness Federation)
British Weightlifting Level One
British Weightlifting Level Two
Outlaw Way Seminar
Dmitry Klokov Seminar

Outside of fitness I am a qualified football referee, I've the first football coaching badge and I have a BBS (Hons) Bachelor of Business from Cork Institute of Technology (I'm not just a pretty face you know!).


CrossFit Games history:
- 2009 regionals competitor

- 2010 regional competitor (where I qualified for sectionals)

- 2011- to present, competed in the open


Outside of the CrossFit games season I have competed in several CrossFit competitions annually since 2008 both as an individual as as part of a team. These include;
- The Velocity Games (which is now know as Divided We Fall)

- Divided We Fall
- The CrossFit Central Manchester Games
- The London Throwdown
- The Rainhill Trials
- The European Inferno
- Battle for the midlands
- The Dominance Series
- as well as numerous other small events and interbox / in house competitions.


I did my first CrossFit competition less than 6 months after finding out what CrossFit was which was one of the best decisions I ever made as it was brilliant fun, showed me that know one cared how I did as long as I worked hard, brought to things that I needed to improve and gave me events to work towards rather than just trying to be fit - I can't recommend competing at any level highly enough! 


Favourite CrossFit WOD:
Cindy (no one forgets their first lady...) or fight gone bad because who wouldn't enjoy a workout that got its name because it left a professional MMA fighter in bits saying 'that felt like a fight gone bad'!?! 


Favourite movement:
Snatch - nothing beats a good snatch


Favourite food:
Steak as I feel that I become a better person with each bite.


Favourite cheat meal:
Tayto crisps - whenever I go home to Cork my parents have a 6 pack waiting for me - it's awesomely awesome!!


I'm also found of a drink or two due to culturally related reasons...


Richard Edmonds


Richard EdmondsAs soon as I started CrossFit I knew I would be addicted. After competing in Athletics at a high level I had a competitive void in my life – until I found CrossFit!


The best thing about CrossFit is that it is constantly varied. There are huge amounts of exercises and combinations to perfect and therefore both you and your body never get bored. Its amazing but it doesn’t matter how much I train the next day something new will be a bit sore and therefore getting stronger!


My background in Sports is varied until I specialized in Athletics. I played Rugby, Cricket, Football and Golf and eventually stuck with Athletics which led me to becoming a National level runner and graduate of the countries premier sporting university; Loughborough.


Since graduating I have worked as a Coach, Sports Scientist (Lucozade) and Personal Trainer. I also Co-Founded the running apparel brand RunBreeze ( My qualifications include:


Level 1 CrossFit Coach
Diploma in Personal Training – Lifetime Health and Fitness
REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
Nutrition and Weight Management Diploma
Certificate in Post/Ante Natal Fitness
Advanced Core Stability Trainer
Certificate Training in Alternative Environments
Health Screening and Fitness Testing
Certificate in Exercise Referral
Functional Sports Specific Training Diploma
Advanced Gym Programming Diploma
Nike Personal Fitness Trainer
Lucozade Sports Scientist
Former International Athlete


Favourite CrossFit WOD:
Helen – I like it when a bit of running is thrown into a WOD for old times sake!


Favourite movement:
Double Unders (now that I can do them!)


Favourite food:
You can’t beat a good steak!


Favourite cheat meal:
Good ol’ fashioned Fish and Chips!


Balazs Toth

Balazs Toth

I found CrossFit in 2009 reading an article about the CrossFit Games. I had an irresistible urge to look up, do a full research that same night and try next day’s WOD at my workplace gym. This has provided me with a lasting memory of burpee pullups and gave me some weird reputation amongst my colleagues.

I decided to join one of the leading CrossFit gyms in London very soon and never looked back. I hugely enjoy every aspect of CrossFit, the constant challenge to learn and improve, the community, the competitions and everything that go with these.

My original sporting background is in equestrian sports, mainly show jumping and vaulting but I love a wide range of other sports from gymnastics to snowboarding. I have spent years teaching various age groups how to ride a horse and I always found teaching skills extremely rewarding.

Today, around five years since I first tried CrossFit and just before I enter the age bracket when you are kindly referred to as “Masters”, Crossfit is the fun part of my day, my hobby, the time when I am on my “playground” and I can practice and do the movements I cannot do anywhere else. It also keeps me sane, motivated, young and strong. My goal as a L1 CrossFit coach is to keep it that way and to help others find the same amount of benefits I got out of the CrossFit lifestyle.

 I will focus on building our community, looking after our members’ needs to help them find the best way to reach their goals through optimizing their training together with nutrition, be it for competing or “just” get healthier, fitter and above all, happier.


Favourite WOD:
Diane – I love it when strength and skills are mixed up in a workout and this is one where your technical improvement shows very quickly as you master your HSPUs. 

Favourite movement:
Got to be bar muscle ups! Such good fun.

Favourite food:
Steak seems to be taken so I go for some amazing ribs!

Favourite cheat:
Hmmm... Sunday evenings anything goes! 

Ben Crooks

I grew up on a farm in Western Australia, which means that I have been very active most of my life. The only social activities growing up revolved around sports so from as soon as I could I was playing AFL, hockey, cricket, tennis, basketball and swimming. When I was finally sent away to boarding school I took up rowing and grew to love the insane beatings it gave me as well as the brilliant camaraderie of being in sync with your entire crew and relying on them for everything.

I managed to take my swimming and rowing to a fairly high level, training and competing at State and National Level in both as a junior.

For the next ten years I focused on my work as an electrician and neglected any serious training. Then in 2013 whilst still living in Perth I discovered Crossfit and with an absolute beating knew that I had found something that had been missing for a long time.

After making the move to London in early 2014 and joining CFB I was offered the opportunity to coach and grabbed it with both hands. Loving every second of helping people reach their fitness goals and watching them progress along their path.

Favourite WOD:

Fight Gone Bad

Favourite Movement:

Wall Balls, they just get me                                                                                                                                                                     

Favourite Food:


Favourite Cheat:

All the pizza

Also available for Personal Training Sessions at CrossFit Blackfriars London

Kevin Fielder

Relatively new to CrossFit compared to some of the guys, having discovered it in 2013.  I still remember my first WOD attempt - Fran, in a normal gym, having to do the pull ups hanging from the weight bar I was using for the thrusters in the squat rack!

Following a few attempts at WODs on my own and realising just how much I had to learn I attended a few classes before finding CrossFit Blackfriars which has become my CrossFit family!  Joining CFB really gave me the bug both for CrossFit and wanting to help develop others.

Since beginning my journey I have gone on to achieve some coaching qualifications and have been privileged to coach here since mid 2014.

Prior to CrossFit I spent much of my adult life Thai boxing, road and mountain biking.

I'm passionate about helping all our members safely reach their goals, while having a great time and being part of the CFB team.  Outside of the gym I have a full time job and a young daughter so definitely understand your challenges around time management and fitting workouts into a hectic lifestyle!



CrossFit Level 1 

British Weightlifting Level One

Favourite WOD: 


Favourite movement:

Handstand press ups

Favourite food:

Bacon obviously

Favourite cheat meal:

Thai take away and a cold cider!


We are offering competitive prices that allow for flexibility and saving depending on your needs. 

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Personal training & drop ins

To orgainse personal training at CrossFit Blackfriars - please email to book a session.

We also offer a drop in rate to visiting CrossFitters of £20 per session. Please email us at if you would like to visit.

* 2 classes a week equates to 9 classes which can be used at any point during each month.
** 3 classes a week equates to 13 classes which can be used at any point during each month.
*** Unlimited equates to one class per day.


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