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CrossFit Blackfriars London Blog
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Let the CrossFit London Box Battles Commence!

The London Box Battles are about to commence with 14 London based CrossFit boxes successfully registered for the 2014 season.

The London Box Battles has been designed as a friendly grassroots fitness league allowing athletes of all fitness levels to compete. In 2014 we are planning to hold 4 separate battles hosted by the local London CrossFit affiliates.

Welcoming Athletes of all abilities

The competition will be split into 3 different scales of WODS to allow athletes of all levels to compete against others of the same ability.

Group A – Crossfit Athletes Group B – General CrossFitters Group C – CrossFitters with less than 1 year experience
Deadlift for reps: M140kg F:100kg
Ring Muscle-Ups
Snatch for reps: M60kg F:40kg
Athletes with more than 12months experience and not at the level of Group A Athletes with less than 12months experiences

Note: Each hosting box can negotiate the levels. This is a general guide.

Battle 1 of 4

The hosting boxes for the first battle will be:

Host: CrossFit South London
Thames CrossFit
Host: Momentum Training (CrossFit Hackney)
CrossFit Ivy
Host: CrossFit London
CrossFit North London
Host: CrossFit Bold
CrossFit Central London
Host: CrossFit Blackfriars
Battle Sunbury Performance CrossFit
Host: CrossFit Evolving
CrossFit Vauxhall
Host: CrossFit P360
CrossFit Kilburn

The first round of battle’s will take place on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of April (the hosting boxes will decide which day/time suits them).

Battle 1 will require teams of 2 same sex athletes (2 guys, or 2 girls)

Number of Competitors

Group A - maximum of 2 male teams / 2 female teams from each box (8 athletes in total)

Group B - maximum 10 teams from each box (boxes discretion on how many m/f teams) (20 athletes in total)

Group C - maximum 4 teams (each box can decide how many m/f teams) (8 athletes in total)

* Note:  Do not worry if you box cannot fill all teams.  This is simply the maximum limit of athlete that could compete form each box. We appreciate that many of the boxes in London are less than 2years old and may not have the membership base to field the all teams.  We also appreciate the floor space at each hosting box may not cater for the volume.  Each paired box will need to agree on maximum numbers for each event.

Competition WODs

3 WOD’s will be designed to test each group’s level of fitness.  The WODS will be scaled to suit the level of each group.

The 3 WODS will be announced on Friday 4th April.

The WODS will be the same at all hosting boxes.


Once all 3 WODS are completed the best performing team from each paired box will throwdown in a final WOD.  This WOD will have bonus point for the league ladder and give an awesome final atmosphere at each event.


There will be a winning box at each hosted location

The scorecards from each box will be submitted and an overall league ladder will be created to show which box has the best performing athletes across all levels.  It is NOT solely about the elite athletes, the scores will be calculated across all three groups and the box with the best average will come out on top.

End of Year Winner

The scores from all 4 events hosted in 2014 will be collaborated to order the 2014 ladder.  The winning box will receive The London Box Battles trophy and keep it in their position until the end of the 2015 competition.

We are offering competitive prices that allow for flexibility and saving depending on your needs. 

Peak Costs
Peak membership allows access to all classes. 
Sessions Per week                    
 Membership Type
1 month  contract
3 months contract

Off-Peak Costs
Off-peak membership allows access to classes at 6am, 12.30pm, 4.30pm & 8.30pm Monday to Friday, classes from 1pm on Saturday and all Sunday classes.  
Sessions Per week                    
Membership Type 
1 month contract
3 months contract

This is how to get started:
1. Go to our MindBody page and create yourself a profile HERE 
2. Choose a membership option to start with - you can always change it later!
3. Send us an email to the address to let us know you are ready to get started and we will help you set up your chosen membership.
4. You are ready to book your first class - either via your online profile or by using the MindBody Connect App which you can download for free to your smartphone.

If you have any questions, please email us:

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Personal training & drop ins

To orgainse personal training at CrossFit Blackfriars - please email to book a session.

We also offer a drop in rate to visiting CrossFitters of £20 per session. Please email us at if you would like to visit.

* 2 classes a week equates to 9 classes which can be used at any point during each month.
** 3 classes a week equates to 13 classes which can be used at any point during each month.
*** Unlimited equates to one class per day.


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