I found CrossFit in 2009 reading an article about the CrossFit Games. I had an irresistible urge to look up crossfit.com, do a full research that same night and try next day’s WOD at my workplace gym. This has provided me with a lasting memory of burpee pullups and gave me some weird reputation amongst my colleagues.

I decided to join one of the leading CrossFit gyms in London very soon and never looked back. I hugely enjoy every aspect of CrossFit, the constant challenge to learn and improve, the community, the competitions and everything that go with these.

My original sporting background is in equestrian sports, mainly show jumping and vaulting but I love a wide range of other sports from gymnastics to snowboarding. I have spent years teaching various age groups how to ride a horse and I always found teaching skills extremely rewarding.

Today, around five years since I first tried CrossFit and just before I enter the age bracket when you are kindly referred to as “Masters”, Crossfit is the fun part of my day, my hobby, the time when I am on my “playground” and I can practice and do the movements I cannot do anywhere else. It also keeps me sane, motivated, young and strong. My goal as a L1 CrossFit coach is to keep it that way and to help others find the same amount of benefits I got out of the CrossFit lifestyle.

I will focus on building our community, looking after our members’ needs to help them find the best way to reach their goals through optimizing their training together with nutrition, be it for competing or “just” get healthier, fitter and above all, happier.

Favourite WOD:
Diane – I love it when strength and skills are mixed up in a workout and this is one where your technical improvement shows very quickly as you master your HSPUs.

Favourite movement:
Got to be bar muscle ups! Such good fun.

Favourite food:
Steak seems to be taken so I go for some amazing ribs!

Favourite cheat:
Hmmm… Sunday evenings anything goes!