Relatively new to CrossFit compared to some of the guys, having discovered it in 2013.  I still remember my first WOD attempt – Fran, in a normal gym, having to do the pull ups hanging from the weight bar I was using for the thrusters in the squat rack!

Following a few attempts at WODs on my own and realising just how much I had to learn I attended a few classes before finding CrossFit Blackfriars which has become my CrossFit family!  Joining CFB really gave me the bug both for CrossFit and wanting to help develop others.

Since beginning my journey I have gone on to achieve some coaching qualifications and have been privileged to coach here since mid 2014.

Prior to CrossFit I spent much of my adult life Thai boxing, road and mountain biking.

I’m passionate about helping all our members safely reach their goals, while having a great time and being part of the CFB team.  Outside of the gym I have a full time job and a young daughter so definitely understand your challenges around time management and fitting workouts into a hectic lifestyle!


CrossFit Level 1

British Weightlifting Level One

Favourite WOD: 


Favourite movement:

Handstand press ups

Favourite food:

Bacon obviously

Favourite cheat meal:

Thai take away and a cold cider!